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1) You can advertise YOUR business here!
2) You can talk about YOUR BOOK at the LizyT show.
3) We can play YOUR music here.
4) Get more media exposure radio and video at the LizyT show.
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Do you want your business to have a Canadian, North America or world radio exposure? The LizyT Show I will interview you.
A radio talk show that allow you the caller to interact with the radio host live, about current events any business and other or issues that you have on your mind. We can help you sell more of your expertise, product, services, or even get the word out about your cause.

Had the Privilege to interview many Celebrities on our show and you can be one too.

Thanks for the support of my upcoming book. Looking forward to finish by Jan 2014 sharing amazing stories success tips of some of my great guest.
For any question of a pre-copy of the book please fill out the form bellow.
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Be my sponsor pay via Pay Pal bellow $50.00 for 30 days or $150.00 with a 15 min Interview

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